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Name:Fionnuala - [Children of Lir. Canon.]
Birthdate:Feb 15

Fandom: Children of Lir.

title or description

Belonging to the Fairy People.

Name: Fionnuala MacLir.
AKA: Fin.
Residence: London, England.

Race: Shapeshifter/Swan. Irish.

Siblings: Fiachra (Mac) and Eothian.

Dark Hair.
Blue green eyes.

Taller than the average woman at five nine, in stocking feet, she can tower above most people. She is willowy and sometimes too thin in appearance, while this doesn’t bother her she has had previous lovers -namely Vincent Cera a vampire lover - throw at her how she has a ‘skinny ass’ in her face saying how unattractive it is. This has given her insecurities about her appearance and she often goes into high maintenance mode to cover her ‘flaws’. She uses clothes to give her an elegant, refined appearance and this comes from wearing the latest finest dresses and clothing. Even dressed casually she has an air of elegance and high upkeep. This is not a woman whose taste in jewellery, clothing and makeup the average man can keep up with. She is a princess after all and expects to be treated like one. This shows in her taste of jewellery, fine clothes, makeup and perfume. She likes to wear some sort of jewellery and her favourite perfume is ‘White Diamonds’ by Elizabeth Taylor.

Status: Divorced. [Edward (Marty) Martel owner of Hush Hotel.]


Born into Irish history as the one of the famed Children of Lir, Fin has had a long and extended life. Nine hundred years before Saint Patrick came into Ireland she was cursed to live out a life as a Swan with her four brothers. Orphaned and expected to fend for them selves the daughter of Lir proved herself a capable provider, helped with the single fact all five children were left with human speech in their Swan form and gifted with incredible song voices. [canon]

[Fandom] After nine hundred years, the curse meant to be broken failed in a church battle when a greedy king demanded the Swans for himself, mortally wounded in the battle Fin pleaded with the underworld to take her instead of her brothers.

Three hundred years spent on a rock in the Irish Sea allowed the children the privilege of being adopted by a sea god – none other than Poseidon himself. The last battle with the Swans and a king ended in badly and upon hearing Fionnuala’s cries the god pleaded with his brother, Hades, to not kill her. Hades agreeing, asked Morpheus to send her to into an enchanted sleep not unlike death, to which Morpheus agreed to pacify the distraught Poseidon.

Her brothers took the enchanted sleeping princess to the Dwarves high into a mountain and encased her in a jewelled, glass, coffin where she could sleep and a magic could be found to wake her. The magic came in form of Solomon Hawken who stole the sleeping princess and woke her from her enchantment. To save himself a war with a sea god and four Irish brothers, Hawken, agreed to allow the only daughter of Lir some freedom in his owning of her. She must always return to him when he insists and in turn she can stay with her brothers. Grateful for what seemed like a simple request; Fin agreed.

Able to return to the mortal world Fin spent time in several places and over the time she became many things ---from healing mortals as a nurse during not only the plague, but every outbreak of war and disease there after. Retiring from healing she took to cooking and became well known in Tombstone as Nellie Cashman with her fine restaurant. Her care of the miners as well as many cowboys earned her the respected title of: Angel of Tombstone. After the passing of the Victorian era, the era beyond the flapper twenties saw her taking on fame as a respected singer. In between all of this, it wasn’t long before she took on a lover who promised her life and a cure from shapeshifting, instead, Vincent Cera - a vampire - only offered her tainted blood and brutal loving. The brutal affair resulted in her killing him and finally moving on.


Trained Witch.

Shapeshifter - Swan.

Having been cursed as a shapeshifting swan, her blood tainted with the vampire Vincent Cera, and now the banshee virus embedded in her genome, and technically dead, Fin enjoys a measure of ‘undeads’ strengths she normally didn’t have: From instant healing, to fast movement, manipulating fairy betweens to appear invisible, and to suddenly appear. A strong sense of smell and hearing. In some cases she has the ability to hypnotise.

She is well skilled in hand to hand combat, use of guns, and swords. Magic in all its forms is her greatest and often used skill.

Registered Division Level one nurse and trained Midwife.

Skilled soprano vocal range: C4–C6.

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